Assessment of Pharmacy Students Knowledge Regarding Diabetes Mellitus and its Prevention

    Published on:September 2021
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2021; 13(3):285-290
    Original Article | doi:10.5530/jyp.2021.13.58

    Shinam Bakshi1, Saikat Bera1, Dinesh Kumar Mehta2,*, Sandeep Joshi2, Rina Das1

    1MM College of Pharmacy, Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana, Ambala, Haryana, INDIA.

    2Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana, Ambala, Haryana, INDIA.


    Objectives: The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge of Pharmacy students about diabetes mellitus and its prevention and to identify the factors that affect the disease. Methods: A pre-tested questionnaire assessing the knowledge of diabetes mellitus was administered to the students of MM College of Pharmacy to investigate the general understanding of diabetes mellitus. The questions were planned so as to be answered through a Likert type three grade scale. Data was collected and analysed by different statistical methods. Results: Data of 330 students of Pharmacy College (112 females and 228 males) were included in this study. Almost all of them (100%) described diabetes as a high blood sugar, about 72% of the students identified frequent hunger 72%, frequent thirst 70% and 68% identified poor wound healing as the main symptoms of the disease. 52% of students reported that they have a family history of diabetes.76% of students evaluated that high blood pressure, 72% said kidney problem etc, are the complications associated with diabetes. 251 students marked HbA1c as a test to check diabetes mellitus. 211 (64%) students think that cure of diabetes is possible. No significant differences were observed in the health behaviour of participants with or without a family history of DM. Conclusion: It was found that students had an adequate knowledge and attitudes about diabetes mellitus. However, there is a need for further enhancement in knowledge and attitudes about diabetes mellitus prevention strategies and complications.

    Key words: Diabetes mellitus, Knowledge, Pharmacy students, Prevention, Treatment.

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