Assessing the Awareness and Knowledge on the Use of Probiotics by Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria

    Published on:Nov 2015
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2015; 8(1):53-55
    Short Communication | doi:10.5530/jyp.2016.1.12

    *Chukwu Otuto Amarauche

    1Pharmaceutical Services Department, Nigeria National Assembly Medical Center, Abuja Nigeria.

    2Community Health and Human Enhancement Initiative, Abuja, Nigeria.


    Objective: To assess the awareness and knowledge of healthcare professionals in Nigeria on probiotics. Methods: Participants were randomly sampled from major healthcare institutions in Nigeria’s capital. Semi-structured questionnaires were administered. Descriptive statistics was used in data analysis Results: Results showed limited knowledge and awareness of probiotic products by the healthcare professionals assessed. Amongst the participants, pharmacists were more knowledgeable. Conclusion: The findings showed a limited knowledge on probiotics thus limiting their use. Knowledge on probiotics can be improved through seminars, update lectures, incorporating the topic in the curricula of upcoming professionals, amongst others. Pharmacists can also educate other professionals as they are widely regarded as drug experts and have shown to be more informed on this issue.

    Key words: Awareness, Knowledge, Probiotics, Healthcare Professionals, Nigeria.

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