Health Related Quality of Life among Medical Representatives

    Published on:Nov, 2015
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2015; 8(1):18-22
    Original Article | doi:10.5530/jyp.2016.1.5

    Anirudh Kotlo, Ajay Maram, Pradeep M. Muragundi, Manthan Janodia and Virendra Ligade

    Department of Pharmacy Management, MCOPS, Manipal University, Manipal-576104, India.


    Objective: Medical Representatives work involves lot of stress and burnout as reported by many studies. Hence the study is one of the first attempt to identify the factors influencing health related quality of life among the surveyed population of medical representatives. Methods: In this study a structured questionnaire was used to collect the socio-demographic information from the Medical Representatives. EuroQol5Dimension questionnaire was used to record the self-reported health related quality of life among the surveyed medical representatives. Kruskal-Wallis test was performed to compare the median VAS scores and BMI as well as other lifestyle related factors. Results: The mean age of the respondents was 27.55±4.79 years. More than half of the medical representatives use to travel more than 15Km daily and equal number were found not doing any physical activity other than job related work. 42 percent of the medical representatives were in the pre-obese category of BMI. Lack of involvement in physical activity other than routine work, and consumption of Junk/Fried food has a significant influence on HRQoL of respondents. Conclusion: Study found that lack of physical activity as a major factor which affected the health related quality of life among the medical representatives. When this is coupled with other lifestyle factors and occupation related stress it may lead to burnout, affecting the overall performance of the medical representatives.

    Key words: Medical Representative, Occupational health, HRQoL, India.

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