Comparative Physicochemical Analysis of Kushta-E-Murdarsang Prepared by Classical and Muffle Furness Method

    Published on:September 2021
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2021; 13(3):205-210
    Original Article | doi:10.5530/jyp.2021.13.43

    Mohd Akhtar Ali1, Hamiduddin2, Mohammad Zaigham2, Sana Nafees2, Mohammad Ikram2, Gazi Jahangeer2

    1Department of Ilmul Saidla (Unani Pharmacy), Z.H. Unani Medical Collage and Hospital, Siwan, Bihar, INIDA.

    2Department of Ilmul Saidla (Unani Pharmacy), National Institute of Unani Medicine (NIUM), Kottigepalya, Magadi Main road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, INDIA.


    Aim: Kushta-e-Murdarsang a herbo-mineral calx preparation was prepared as per classical and contemporary method and its physico-chemical and elemental analysis for standardization and safety evaluation (by heavy metal estimation) was performed. Methods: Murdarsang (Litharge mineral) was subjected to Mudabbar / Shodhan (processing) by Sheere- Madar (Latex of Calotropis gigantea Linn. R. Br. ex. Ait.) and calcined by classical and muffle furness method. Comparative Physico-chemical investigation for safety evaluation and standardization were done by X-ray diffraction (XRD), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and other analytical parameters. Results: Both the sample Kushta-e-Murdarsang classical method (KM-CM) and Kushta-e-Murdarsang Muffle Furnace method (KM-MFM) passed specification tests as per Unani Medicine. Both the sample KM-CM and KM-MFM showed presence of heavy metals. In XRD analysis both the samples showed presence of Lead, sample KM-MFM revealed presence of Litharge syn- PbO phase, where KM-CM revealed presence of Lead syn- Pb, Galena syn- Pb S and Litharge syn- PbO phase. In ICP-MS analysis the Cadmium (Cd) content was 0.65 ppm and 0.65 ppm; Mercury (Hg) 54.17 ppm and 68.08 ppm and Arsenic (As) was 21.27 ppm and 0.11 ppm accordingly, in AAS analysis the Lead (Pb) content was 55.0 % and 51.4% in KM-MFM and KM-CM respectively. Conclusion: KM-MFM can be a better choice in respect of only ease of preparation, both the sample prepared by classical along with muffle furnace method contains heavy metal above permissible limit and KM-CM contain reduced quantity of heavy metal in respect of MF method. XRD and other standardization data for the formulation were set in.

    Key words: Murdarsang, Lead monoxide, Litharge, Unani Medicine, Kushta, Safety.

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