Action of Cleistanthins A and B on Alpha Adrenoceptors in Rats

    Published on:April/2016
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2016; 8(3):177-185
    Original Article | doi:10.5530/jyp.2016.3.3

    Mageshwaran Lakshmanan1, Zachariah Bobby2, Raveendran Ramasamy3*

    1Department of Pharmacology, SMMCH & RI, Mangadu, Chennai-69, Tamilnadu, INDIA.

    2Department of Biochemistry, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry, INDIA.

    3Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry, INDIA.


    Objectives: Cleistanthins A and B (CAB), active phytochemicals present in Cleistanthus collinus, have been proven to have alpha 1-adrenoceptor blocking property. However action on alpha 2-adrenoceptor is not studied. We aimed to study the action of CAB on alpha 2-adrenoceptor by measuring platelet aggregation, insulin and blood glucose levels with yohimbine as a standard comparator control and alpha 1-adrenoceptor by measuring the blockade of relaxation induced by phenylephrine in the jejunum of Wistar albino rats. Materials and methods: Forty eight adult male Wistar rats were divided into eight drug groups of six each, namely control (CMC 0.5%), yohimbine 2 mg/kg, 10, 30 and 100 mg/kg doses of cleistanthin A and cleistanthin B. Blood samples were drawn at baseline, after 5 h and after high-epinephrine dose (5 mg/kg) from the retro-orbital sinus and used for estimation of platelet aggregation and plasma insulin levels. Blood glucose levels were estimated at six different time points. Degree of jejunal relaxation was studied by relaxing the acetylcholine pre-contracted jejunum with phenylephrine. Results: All groups, except control and cleistanthin A 10 mg/kg group, significantly inhibited the platelet aggregation when compared to the respective baseline values (p<0.05). No significant difference was observed between different drug groups in plasma insulin and blood glucose levels. With regard to phenylephrine induced jejunal relaxation, the median IC50 for all three doses of cleistanthin A and cleistanthin B 100 mg/kg differ significantly from that of control (CMC 0.5%). Conclusion: CAB block both alpha 1 and 2-adrenoceptorand hence are non-selective alpha-adrenoceptor blockers.

    Key words: Cleistanthus Collinus, Cleistanthin A, Cleistanthin B, Alpha-adrenoceptor, Rat, Platelet aggregation.

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