Botulinum toxin - An Innovative Treatment Approach In Dental Practice

    Published on:Nov 2015
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2016; 8(1):2-5
    Review Article | doi:10.5530/jyp.2016.1.2

    Pushpalatha Govindaraju1, Sowmya Sadand2, Sanjay venugopal3, Santhosh kumar Ramaiah4, Melvin Mathew5, Sateesh Chikkanayakanahally Parashuram6 and Shruthi Sethuraman7

    Department of Periodontics, Sree Siddhartha Dental College & Hospital.


    Objective: Dental diseases are a result of two main factors, the microbial colonization in the oral cavity and the overactive orofacial musculature. The hyperactive orofacial musculature exerts excessive biting forces and dental trauma which results in various forms of damage to the teeth and periodontium such as bruxism, TMJ disorders asymmetrical smiles, oromandibular disorders and excessive gingival display and many others. These muscle generated damages can be managed both by non surgical and surgical methods,  but are invasive, irreversible and expensive for most of the patients. Hence, there is clearly a pronounced need to improve the options available for preventive treatment of muscle generated dental diseases which requires effective and safe agents that have minimal side effects which are  well tolerated for long term use and will eliminate or reduce the need to use other irreversible treatment modalities. Recently, injections of Botulinum toxin or botox have shown promising results in managing the hyperactive orofacial musculature. Thus the purpose of this article is to review the nature, mechanism of action and applications of botulinum toxin in dentistry.

    Key words:  Hyperactive orofacial musculature, Botulinum toxin, Applications, Dentistry.

    Key Messages: Botulinum toxin or popularly known as Botox worldwide, is a neurotoxin which when used in therapeutic doses can produce wonders in cosmetic problems of orofacial regions. Its applications are not just restricted to cosmetic therapy but also has got wide array of uses in the treatment of painful dentalconditions. This article reviews the various applications of Botox in dentistry and its current status in India.

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