Post Covid Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome with Cervical Lymphadenopathy In A Young Adult

    Published on:September 2021
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2021; 13(3):306-308
    Case Report | doi:10.5530/jyp.2021.13.61

    Blessy Samu1, Abhijith C1*, Sulfath TS2, Ashique EP2

    1Department of Pharmacy Practice, S.C.S College of Pharmacy, Harapanahalli, Karnataka, INDIA.

    2Clinical Pharmacist, IQRAA International Hospital and Research Centre, Calicut, Kerala, INDIA.


    Multisystem inflammatory syndrome-children is considered as a paediatric hyper inflammatory condition prompted by severe acute respiratory system coronavirus 2, which has multi-organ involvement. Among them cervical lymphadenopathy is an unusual presentation in multisystem inflammatory syndrome-children. A case study of 17 year old post coronavirus disease 2019 male patient, whose clinical presentation and elevated inflammatory markers on blood tests lead to the diagnosis of multisystem inflammatory syndrome-children is explained here. Evidence from computed tomography, ultrasonography and fine needle aspiration cytology revealed the rare presentation of multisystem inflammatory syndrome-children with cervical lymphadenopathy. Standard guidelines were followed in the treatment of the condition and the prognosis was closely monitored clinically, the available objective evidences manifested progressive response and outcome.

    Key words: Multisystem inflammatory syndrome-children, Cervical lymphadenopathy, Fine needle aspiration cytology, Severe acute respiratory system coronavirus 2, Kawasaki disease.

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