Community Pharmacist’s Knowledge, Practice and Barrier towards Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions in Dammam, Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Survey Based Study

    Published on:April 2020
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2020; 12(1):81-85
    Original Article | doi:10.5530/jyp.2020.12.16

    Mohammad Daud Ali*, Ayaz Ahmad, Yousif Amin Mohamed Hassan, Sherihan Ahmed Ghosn, Nuzhat Banu, Mohammed Gharmullah Alzahrani

    Department of Pharmacy, Mohammad Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences, Abdulrazaq Bin Hammam Street, As Safa, Dammam, SAUDI ARABIA.


    Objectives: The current study aims to assess community pharmacist’s knowledge, practice and barriers towards ADR reporting systems in the Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted from 1st August 2019 to 31st October 2019 among the Community pharmacies in the Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 101 easily approachable community pharmacists participated in study. Results: The survey was sent to the 150 community pharmacists (CP), while only 101 surveys were received completely filled, the response rate of survey was 67.33%. The mean age of the survey respondents were 35.2±6.66 years. Among all the respondents 73(72.27%) were male and 28(27.73%) were female. Mean years of experience was 7.5±3.37. Overall, 90 (89.1%) respondents familiar with the term Pharmacovigilance (p<0.05). 40 (39.60%) community pharmacists agreed upon that they have sufficient knowledge and training on how to report ADRs (p<0.05). 67(66.34%) respondents never reported new ADR (not mentioned in drug leaflet) for any drug (p=0.001). 55(54.45%) respondents prevent different kind of serious ADRs during their practice (p=0.370). Conclusion: Community pharmacist working in Dammam were found to be unsatisfactory knowledge and practice on ADR reporting. The study also identified factors contribute in under reporting of ADR by community pharmacist. Drug regulatory agency and pharmacovigilance centres should take necessary steps to increase the awareness on ADR reporting among community pharmacist.

    Key words: ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction), Community pharmacist, Dammam, Knowledge, Saudi Arabia.

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