Cotton Dust Induced Pneumonia in Geriatric Patients in Kongu Nadu Region: A Case History

    Published on:July 2019
    Journal of Young Pharmacists , 2019; 11(3):313-314
    Case Report | doi:10.5530/jyp.2019.11.63

    Muthukumar Andhuvan1,*, Keserla Bhavani1, Rumana Khatija1, Gayathri2, Sundaraganapathy3, Amarbabu4

    1Department of Pharmacology, Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA.

    2Karpagam College of pharmacy, Othakalmandapam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

    3Faculty of Pharmacy, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

    4Department of Science and Humanities, VFSTR , Vadlamudi Guntur, INDIA.


    Ceaseless introduction to cotton residue may result in different respiratory disorders like pneumonia, Acquired Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and so on. Such occupation initiated disarranges are in the ascent right now. Here is an instance of a 70-year-old male patient who is experiencing network procured pneumonia brought about by presentation to cotton dust gained because of working at a material industry. The essential causative living being for the equivalent was observed to be Acinetobacter and E. coli. He is known to have no co-morbidities on affirmation and has boss grumblings of hack with expectoration, blood-decoloured sputum, fever and shortness of breath for around about fourteen days. The patient was found in a condition of respiratory trouble amid confirmation, which was basically treated with Non-Invasive Ventilation. The patient was observed to be unreasonably hypoxic because of declining ARDS. The patient’s chest x-beam uncovered combination and the patient were at first treated with anti-toxins and given noradrenaline for hemodynamic help. Antimicrobial treatment included Colistin and Cotrimoxazole. The patient additionally hinted at different organ harm, in particular hinted at Acute Kidney Damage. The condition was recognized because of anomalous creatinine levels or pee yield. Steps were taken to control and treat the equivalent.

    Key words: Cotton dust, Asthma, Pneumonia, Expectoration, Antibiotics, Acute Kidney Damage, Multi Organ Failure.

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