Adverse drug reaction and concepts of drug safety in Ayurveda: An overview

    Published on:
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2013; 5(4):116-120
    | doi:10.1016/j.jyp.2013.10.001

    Manjunath Ajanal a,*, Shradda Nayak b, Buduru Sreenivasa Prasad c, Avinash Kadam d

    a Department of Dravyaguna & Research Center, RGES Ayurveda Medical College and PG Research Center, Ron, Karnataka 582209, India.

    b Department of Dravyaguna, KLEU Shri BMK Ayurved Mahavidhyalaya, Belgaum, Karnataka 590003, India.

    c KLEU Shri BMK Ayurved Mahavidhyalaya, Belgaum, Karnataka 590003, India.

    d Department of Research and Development, Rasayani Biologics Pvt Ltd, Pune 411045, India.


    Drug safety is a very basic and fundamental concept in medical practice. ADRs play an important role in assessing patient safety in any system of medicine. Pharmacovigilance study is thus significant to understand treatment outcomes. Current raised issue with respect to complementary and alternative system medicine (CAM) like Ayurveda is increased in number of safety reports along with report misinterpretation; this generates the negative impact on system. Although, Ayurveda which is holistic system of medicine from India has elaborated the causes and methods of drug-induced consequences along with preventive measures the available data in classical texts is scattered. The compilation and analysis along with modern concept drug safety is need of the hour. Present literature review was conducted from various compendium of Ayurveda and electronic data base with search terms of ‘Vyapad’, ‘Viruddha’, ‘Ahita’, ‘herbeherb interaction’, ‘idiosyncrasy’, ‘Prakritiviruddha’ etc. The reported information was analysed for the possible correlation on concept of ADR and Pharmacovigilance of current science. Overall review demonstrated that drug interaction, iatrogenic, over dose, administration of unsuitable drugs, reprehensive drug administration with respect to disease, complication from five procedural therapies (Panchakarma) and reprehensible preparation of mineral drug are nearer to the modern causes of ADR. Thus, concept of drug safety and ADR is not new to the Ayurveda. The concept “Drug which is not appropriate to be used as medicine”(Abheshaja) of Ayurveda sounds similar as that of modern pharmacovigilance.

    Keywords:Pharmacovigilance,ADR,Ayurveda,Drug safety,Abheshaja