Designing Delivery of Healthcare Services with Health Management Information System, AI, Big Data, and Innovative Digital Technologies

    Published on:September 2022
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2022; 14(4):xx-xx
    Review Article | doi:

    Saurabh Dahiya*, Yachika Goyal, Chanchal Sharma

    Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University, New Delhi, INDIA.


    Health management information system (HMIS), is a system for recording, storing, retrieving, and analyzing health data in order to make better decisions concerning delivery of health-related services. The purpose of this review article is to understand how HMIS can be used to design healthcare delivery using advanced, ingenious, and revolutionary technologies such as AI, IoT, and Big Data, among others. Technology pervades every aspect of our lives, from phones to automobiles to healthcare and medicine. HMIS covers mHealth and e-Health cards. The review covers a range of big data areas that have been useful in establishing HMIS. It also includes anticipated opportunities and benefits, as well as some incredible obstacles. In this article there is a description of some of the responsibilities played by HMIS amid the pandemic’s crisis.

    Key words: AI, Big Data, Digital technologies, Healthcare delivery, HMIS.