Issues in manuscript writing

    Published on:
    Journal of Young Pharmacists, 2013; 5(2):35-37
    Editorial | doi:10.1016/j.jyp.2013.06.003

    Subramani Parasuraman*

    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Young Pharmacist

    K.K. Mueen Ahmed

    Former Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Young Pharmacist


    Writing a manuscript is an art of a science.. Publication is kind of documentation to be used for further advancing research. If it is not documented, it is equal to not done, this statement itself highlighting the importance of documentation/ publication in the field of scientific research. The RESEARCH word itself self-explanatory and it is defined as researching the elements from excising galaxy. So every researcher searching for something in existing galaxy and whoever documenting/ publishing first will get credit. Process of documentation started in Neolithic human period itself. They use to make symbols and identification marks when they are moving one place to another place and that marking are till now identifiable. Now also we can see written scripts in rock temples, pyramids and ancient cultural centers, through this, we can now able to understand the life style of ancient culture and more..,